Unleashed Mindset Accelerator

Start living a life of purpose, with purpose

The Unleashed Mindset Accelerator helps you unlock your full potential en route to living life on your terms.

Are you sick of feeling like something is missing in your life despite all you have accomplished?

You’re not alone - We’ve worked with thousands of high level achievers and we’ve come to the conclusion that there is one thing in common among them.

Those who are content know their “why.”
and those who aren’t, are searching for it.

The first step is deciding TODAY that you will no longer settle for less.

Meet Your Coaches

We’re Daniel Melwani and Trevor McGregor.


Trevor has nearly three decades of experience mentoring everyone from Fortune 500 execs to world class athletes. He was a Master Platinum Coach with the Tony Robbins Group and after 25,000 coaching sessions, Trevor knows exactly how to help high achievers reach their highest potential.


Daniel is a high-level business strategist and motivational speaker with over two decades of experience advising top corporations on a global scale.An entrepreneur himself, Daniel is laser focused on helping his clients across a wide array of industries get compounding results through proven methods learned from the thousands of highly successful people he’s coached and mentored.

Maybe You're Wondering:

“What’s next?”

“Am I maximizing my energy in reaching my full potential or am I just settling for less than I’m worth?”

“Why don’t I feel fulfilled despite all that I have accomplished?”

Sound Familiar?

There’s a safe inside of you:

A safe that contains all of the tools you need to build YOUR life of fulfillment. It isn’t something you can buy. It isn’t something you can delegate to someone else to break into either.

Luckily for you- you have the combination to this incredible and unlimited source of power within you.

Through the UNLEASHED MINDSET ACCELERATOR program, you’ll tap into what really drives YOU and break through the glass ceiling, destroy that hamster wheel you’ve been stuck on, and take charge of your life in ways you never thought possible.

Meet the UMA Alumni


“If you are an individual who wants to harness the most out of this extraordinary life experience and you don’tcurrently have a coach then this is exactly where you start…the UMA. Coach Daniel and Coach Trevor are extraordinary humans. Allow them to guide you and unlock your true potential. Fortunately for myself I was at the right place and the right time, just like you right now. The 9 weeks we spent together ignited a new level of focus and understanding in my life. These two are not “want-to-be-coaches” they are the real deal, both super successful in their own lives and simply good people who want to share, educate and grow others…..amazing! Thank you coaches and thank you to my classmates who showed up every-week and gave it your all. You are all beautiful people.”

– James St. Clair, Veterinarian, Connecticut

Are You Ready To See How The UMA Will Change Your Life?

You’re on this page because your mind is already visualizing where you want to be in contrast to where you are now. The Unleashed Mindset Accelerator is a program that has the potential to drastically change your life, and more importantly how you feel about yourself in short order. When you take action, we’ll take action with you and FOR you.

You’re accomplished! You know first-hand that taking action and forming productive habits is the first step in doing anything worthwhile. If you agree with this statement and if you’re ready to start living a life of purpose, with purpose then we have one question for you?



UMA is for high achievers and motivated individuals who are serious about leveling up both personally and professionally. If you are ambitious and willing to put in the work, you will see results. We are serious about getting you where you want to be, but success only comes if you are ready and willing to put in the time and effort with us as we guide you every step of the way.

If there is a part of you that knows you aren’t living to your potential, we will hop on a consultation call with you to make sure the program is a good fit for you.
Yes! We offer a plan that breaks the payment into two separate installments.

We meet weekly on a group coaching call that lasts 90 minutes.

No problem; we record all of our calls and upload them into the private Facebook group along with the weekly homework.

Of course.  In addition, all of our 1:1 clients have unlimited access to UMA.  If you are interested in 1:1 coaching, please let us know on your Success Strategy Call.

You will be added to the UMA Facebook Alumni group where you can expect more support from previous UMA graduates and expert training interviews we do throughout the year! This alumni group is all about providing value and you’ll be in direct contact with past UMA grads who were recently in your position.



We are 100% confident that you will see compounding results with UMA if you implement the course content as instructed. We also ensure the integrity of UMA by making sure that everyone who we admit is willing to put in the work in order to get amazing results. We simply will not admit an applicant based on whether or not they can afford the course because what is important to us is that people see amazing results and change their lives.

Ready to get started?