“I used to be where you are right now.”
My story starts around my junior year of high school...
All the kids were going out to get minimum wage jobs where they would learn key strategies on how to trade time for money for the rest of their lives.
I mean, who could blame them?

In the united states, almost 95% of all people are employed and the majority of the other 5% are broke. They have no effective system on how to run a business and forever live in mediocrity.
As for the 95%, they learned to go to college, get a job and retire at 65 because that's what their parents did and that what their parents parents did and so on.
Now if they're happy doing what they're doing then that's fantastic. However when almost 60% of the population openly admits to hating their job, I think we've got a problem.

So when all my friends were going out to get their minimum wage jobs and apply for college, saying to me "MATT I just got a job at McD's and they're paying 25 cents more than minimum wage, you should apply!" Do you think I was like Oh my gosh 25 cents more!? Count me in.

Matthew McGregor
But you see, that's actually where the problem lies.
I didn't want to go out, get a job and conform to society... But at the same time, I was just lazy. At the time I believed that running a successful business took hard work, dedication and a lot of time... So I was stuck. Doing nothing.
I had an entrepreneurial mindset, yet no ambition to act on it;

I waited and waited hoping that an amazing opportunity to come to me, an opportunity for me to make some easy money and live the rest of my life in peace... But it never did.

It didn't take a very long time before I began to feel like a failure. In fact, I was a failure. I pretended to be this enlightened personal development entrepreneur... But I was nothing. Even my friends were technically in better places than me.
In that moment I was forced with a choice...
Do I just sit here and waste the next 50 years of my life or do I actually take action and do something?

Thank goodness for you, I chose to do something about it.
That same evening I sat on Google for 10 hours straight looking for the top mentors and leaders in the entrepreneurial world because I knew I couldn't get anywhere without the help of the pioneers who did it before me.

I made the conscious choice to invest in myself in order to become the entrepreneur I knew I could be, even though I didn't have much money at the time. In fact, after joining 3 different high level programs, I had no money left in the bank account...

That said, it was the best decision I'd ever made. Within 2 weeks I made $4825. Back then, that was more money than I had made in the last 15 years combined! All because I took action and invested in myself when it mattered most.

Now, at the time I was running a video production company called Film It Right, but after people began to notice my success in THAT business, I knew I had to create something to help everyone else succeed… They kept asking "Matt you've got to help me do that!", "Matt, please teach me your ways.", "Matt I need you!!!!!"

And so the Client Conversion Formula™ was born.

Listen, in 10 years from now; 20 years from now; 30 years from now; 35 years from now; it doesn't matter what the time frame is, if you don't take action towards what you want in life, you are going to forever feel the feeling of regret.

It doesn't have to be difficult, it was EASY for me once I had the right system, steps and strategy, but you have to take the first step.
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